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Is your home less energy efficient than you would like? It’s not too late! Upgrade your home’s insulation now for lower energy-bills and greater year-round comfort.



Our commercial division provides a wide variety of installation techniques for commercial buildings.



Spray foam insulation is a two-in-one home insulation and air-sealing solution that can help homes and businesses increase comfort and reduce energy consumption.


We install quality home insulation, wall insulation, commercial insulation, attic insulation, mirrors, shower doors, fireplaces, and shelving for builders and homeowners throughout the area.  We have been an insulation company since 1978. We install a full array of insulation products: spray foam, fiberglass, acoustical spray, core foam, commercial insulation, new and existing home insulation, and insulation removal. Our shower door division installs custom glass shower doors and frameless shower doors. We install and repair mirrors and glass, and install and repair fireplaces.

We install quality home insulation, wall insulation, commercial insulation, attic insulation, mirrors, shower doors, fireplaces, and shelving for builders and homeowners throughout the area.

Contact us for a free estimate.


“Always on time, always done right, always responsive. I highly suggest considering The Hayes Company for all of your insulation needs.”
Dalton, contractor


“The Hayes Company was professional and courteous. Everyone arrived on time for appointments and worked diligently to complete work. So far, it seems much easier to keep our temperature at a comfortable level without leaving the air conditioner running all day.”
Rebecca, homeowner

“A big thank you to the whole team at The Hayes Company. We renovated a house in ‘17-‘18 and used their fireplace install team as well as their attic insulation team. Their fireplace guys were the only people I could find who were experienced/skilled with a Superior brand fireplace install. It’s in and looks/works great! Their insulation guys also took care of our attic and were clean and efficient getting the job done. Our house is nice and cool this summer now thanks to the thick layer they put in my attic. Should be toasty warm this winter as well. I would definitely recommend them again. Thanks Hayes!”
Bob, homeowner

“Thanks for the great service and great job. I’ve been complimenting your work and recommending you to the builders I work for. Nice to see somebody get in and get a job done without excuses and care about [their] work. [The] guys [were] respectful and cleaned up after [themselves].”



“The energy audit was not the best because I only went with the infrared. Found out there was no insulation in the garage. The guys were as neat as they could be. This is a very messy job. They drilled holes on the inside, insulated plugged the holes and spackled over them. All very neat and tidy.”

Brad, homeowner


“Great experience working with Jeff Classen and his crew. Very knowledgeable, very capable, trustworthy and experienced crew.”

Johann, homeowner


“Our heating bill has been cut in half since we had you re-insulate our attic.”

Linda, homeowner

“We are a nationwide General Contractor. We do not do a lot of projects in Kansas City, but when we do we know that The Hayes Company will be doing the insulation. They are there when they say they will be, and they do what it takes to get the job done in a professional manner.”

Jordon, contractor


“What an excellent job they did providing me a beautiful glass shower door. The product was great and very high quality. Phil Hayes was very responsive to my objectives and kept me in the loop the entire time from ordering to delivery. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!”

David, homeowner


“I had a great experience with dealing with the entire process; from scheduling an appointment, to receiving a bid, and have the installers do exactly what was expected. I had also scheduled The Hayes Company to perform the same work on my neighbor’s attic. This morning I received a thank you from my neighbor! Great job well done!!!”

Rick, homeowner

“After eight years and six different companies, we called The Hayes Company for our insulation problem. They solved it immediately and were the most efficient and experienced company that we have worked with.
Again we needed our fireplaces taken care of and we called The Hayes Company. Justice came on time and I have to say his expertise is incredible.”

Linda, homeowner


“…Working with your company has been a very satisfying experience. With one notable exception, I found the people with whom I interacted to be pleasant, reliable and competent workers and individuals. As you know insulating a house can be messy and disruptive, but your employees made it a relatively smooth and painless operation and always made sure that the mess was cleaned up before they left. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others. Thank you for your work.”

Peter, homeowner


“I just want to say a big thank you! Last month I had family coming in. My bracket broke on my shower door. I went to the usual box stores and hardware stores to no avail. I was at my wits end! I called your company, and was transferred to a salesman. I wish I could remember his name. He said he could help me if I stopped by. You close at 4pm and I get off of work at 4pm. But he was gracious enough to spend time with me and gave me a bracket. It worked! And I had 2 bathrooms when my family came in. I just want to thank your salesman again for helping me. I dearly appreciate it! Thanks so much!”

Irene, homeowner

“Crew showed up on time, were very professional and did good work. When some of the materials were not delivered for installation, they went out of their way to resolve the issue promptly.”

Derek, homeowner


“[Your team member] touched up [a well] for us today and did an excellent job on [two other wells]. We certainly appreciate his courtesy and professionalism.”

City of Liberty, Missouri


“The Hayes Company did a fantastic job insulating my home. I had R-38 fiberglass blown into my attic and my basement was sealed and insulated with spray foam. They were extremely easy to work with!! So thorough, professional and no mess was left behind. I can tell my house is much quieter and I know my utility bills will be much lower. I HIGHLY recommend The Hayes Company.”

Christine, homeowner

“They’ve done an amazing job on my insulation, mirror, shower doors, and fireplace. I also like that the workers who came out were not only courteous and knowledgeable but that they are employees of The Hayes Company as opposed to subcontractors they don’t know well. Five Stars for sure!”

Rob, homeowner


“We are a nationwide General Contractor. We do not do a lot of projects in Kansas City, but when we do we know that The Hayes Company will be doing the insulation. They are there when they say they will be, and they do what it takes to get the job done in a professional manner.”

Jordon, contractor


“On time! Friendly staff! And great pricing! If you are looking for QUALITY work done for a GREAT PRICE then the Hayes Company is it! I have used them for years and they always do fantastic work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Nick, homeowner

“I had custom shelves installed in my closet by the Hayes Co. Not only did their product and work exceed my expectations, they were friendly all the way through from the sales team to the installers. Highly recommend these guys!”

Brandon, homeowner


“These guys were phenomenal. They explained the process, went above and beyond what was promised, and had no issues with the age of my very old home. I would definitely recommend and will call them again for my own use.”

Andrew, homeowner


“Used these guys to insulate one of our retail stores at Family Tree Nursery and they did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you to The Hayes Company for your service to us and all of Kansas City.”

Jesse, business owner

“I worked with Hayes through my previous employer and when it was time to insulate my own house Hayes was the only one I considered. I just had my exterior walls insulated and was very pleased at how quickly and easily the job was completed. I would definitely recommend The Hayes Company.”

Sally, homeowner


“The Hayes Company recently added insulation and air sealing to my historic home. I think this was done just in time before all the hot temperatures hit. I know my energy bills will be much less. They were great to work with!!! I would highly recommend this company!”

Nancy, homeowner


“The Hayes Company completed insulation work at my house last week. The improvements to heating and comfort are exceptional. The work crews were courteous and very professional. All the work was done as promised and on budget. I would highly recommend The Hayes Company to anyone needing to improve heating and cooling efficiency.”

Morte, homeowner

“We didn’t think we needed insulation but thought our windows were drafty, but a friend worked there and suggested an energy audit, we did. We thought it was a bit expensive, but it was a very thorough audit! The audit price included a portion that would credit us if we decided that they do any work for us. We thought we needed new windows in our fairly new home, as winters are cold and summers too warm in much of our house.. We were SHOCKED at our energy audit, our windows were great! But we had huge areas of air flow from outside the house. They actually showed us on cameras the difference in temperatures on our walls and windows, and our windows are fine! They told us the builder did not properly construct our attic, as it had 2 walls missing. We had no walls from our front porch to our attic, 2 knee walls were missing, and add no insulation in those areas at all, and very little in our attic. The had an excellent appraisal with several options for us in different price ranges, and we could add whatever we wanted for them to do, or we could do some small items as well. We chose the more moderate option as it would leave minor things for us to do. They are very professional, did the work over 2 days, supervisors came by a couple of times a day to see the progress. Nice and friendly people. Suggested we get the cellulose insulation as it would help with the few silverfish living in our attic. Since we thought we would be out $50,000 for new windows, and our windows were fine, we were happy to pay them to correct our problems! They also came out after the work was completed for another energy audit to see what had improved for us. It was amazing! We had over a 27% decrease in airflow from the outside. He said if they get 18- 20% that’s excellent, so our home was in bad shape. Our utility bills are down about 1/3 of what they were before, and that has been wonderful on our budget!! Would very highly recommend this company!”

Linda, homeowner

“I requested The Hayes Company to our home for an energy audit. Mike O’Connell, with his lively personality, visited our home not once but four times. After an initial inspection he gave us tasks to perform to make our home more energy efficient. His second visit was a follow-up to his recommendations. He noticed that we missed a few areas and wanted us to continue with his suggestions. Again he visited to see the results. He was pleased with our work. Looking at our dryer vent, he noticed that it wasn’t operating properly. He volunteered to bring a few sample vents for replacement. Thus, his fourth trip to our home corrected the dryer vent. What can I say about this company and Mike O’Connell – absolutely wonderful. Mike is so very professional, skilled and knowledgeable. He simply wants to help everyone. This company and Mike deserve more than a 5-star recommendation.”

Deidre, homeowner


“The Hayes Company has insulated several parts of my house including spray foam in the attic. Has made a huge difference in my comfort and the utility bills. They are easy to work with and did a great job.”

Todd, homeowner

“The Hayes Company did an excellent job on my foam insulation project… from the salesperson to the service people – it was a very positive experience. Great work, Great people. Thanks.”

Bru, homeowner


“We received 3 bids and Marvin gave us the most style choices and competitive pricing. The install was clean and professional. I would highly recommend The Hayes Company to family, friends and neighbors. Thank you to The Hayes Company for the great job!”



“Very timely response in every way. Promptness is something I look for. This company was wonderful in every way.”


“Mike was very informative and really knows his stuff… just a super guy to work with. Gilbert, the lead foreman, works very hard and fast and did a quality job. We highly recommend both of these individuals and The Hayes Company.”

Tom & Karla, homeowners


“I had a great experience with The Hayes Company. I had to deal with the owners and they were very fair and accommodating to every aspect of our transactions. I would highly recommend dealing with this company in the future.”

Mark, homeowner


“Very friendly. Very professional. Did a great and fast job and cleaned up after job was finished. I highly recommend them and would use them if I ever need insulation again.”

David, homeowner

“Very good, prompt, price was great – service even better.”



“The Hayes Company reps were professional and pleasant to work with. They were accommodating of my schedule and my need to work from home in the middle of the project. The cleaned up after themselves better than most contractors. While no soundproofing is perfect, the results of this project are certainly making a difference.”



“The work was completed on time and they were very professional in their work. I was very pleased with the work.”


“This is an AMAZING company because of their honesty and passion! I have had the pleasure of meeting both Mr. And Mrs. O’Connell and they are both easy to talk to and work with! This company is very knowledgeable on home efficiency. With their help, I have seen a drastic change in my energy cost and usage! I highly recommend them. Thank you!”

Shawana, homeowner


“Excellent company. They did a fabulous job on insulating the house. Professional. On time. Did not leave a mess. Highly recommend this company. 10 stars.”

Bowman Building Company


“Amazing company, very familial. They take great care of their customers, and their employees as well!”

Crystal, homeowner

“My heat pump and air exchanger equipment are only two years old yet on really cold days our home temperature could drop as low as 54 degrees. WE WERE COLD!! I felt helpless as Service Experts technicians told me everything was in perfect shape. This year with the subzero temperatures I called Anthony’s Heating & Cooling and they immediately found two problems. A dispatcher suggested I get an Energy Audit from a leading expert in the field – Mike O’Connell of The Hayes Company. Service men and the dispatcher sang his praises to the skies!! Mike arrived and looked at all the ceiling vents, wall temperatures and went up into the attic. He found holes, no insulation WHATEVER, and equipment open to the cold air. He took off all the ceiling vents stating they were just blowing air into the walls. In just a few hours the temperature rose from 54 degrees to 64 – Wow, were we happy. He recommended new ceiling vents and attic floor insulation. He took it upon himself to buy the correct ceiling vents – no other insulation company I know would take the time and care to solve all of my problems at a very reasonable cost!! He and his crew arrived, put up new ceiling vents at the best angles for my comfort, and insulated the attic floor. Mike even brought the biggest cinnamon rolls I ever saw for all of us!! He suggested two other things I should have Anthony’s guys do on their 6 month inspection. I received so much more than excellent service from a man who must have more degrees than anyone in the MO/KS area – in addition to a caring, generous, kind heart!! Mike is a great guy and The Hayes Company is too. Chris and Gilbert, the installers, were great too!”

Joan, homeowner

“The Hayes Company went over the top to make sure our house was taken care of. Mike came out and performed a energy house audit. Before they did any insulation work, my wife and I noticed a huge difference in the comfort level of our house. They were very professional putting in the insulation and diagnosing a frozen pipe problem. This is service you just do not receive very often. Highly recommended!”

Nick, homeowner


“Great company all the way around. Installers do a great job of making things easier on the builders and home owners. Very polite and prompt when any problems came up.”

Jay, contractor


“Very insightful insulation team. Problem solvers.”

Paul, homeowner