Friday, July 15, 2016

Adequate insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways a homeowner can save money on their annual energy bills! No matter the season, insulation helps to keep your heating or cooling bills in line. Thanks to the renewed energy tax credit, you can save both on your utility bill and your insulation investment!

Here is what you need to know to take advantage of the offer:

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spray Foam Insulation By The Hayes Company Spray foam insulation is a two-in-one product, insulating and air sealing in one step. Unlike fiberglass or cellulose insulation, foam insulation expands when applied and completely fills a cavity to prevent air leakage and keep energy bills low. Benefits of spray foam include:
  • Increased comfort – Spray foam insulation prevents drafts, improves air quality and enhances sound control.
  • Cost savings – Air sealing and insulating with spray foam insulation can reduce energy costs 30 to 50 percent. Reduced energy use can also mean a home can downsize its HVAC unit, saving money on equipment.
  • Healthier air for the home – Spray foam insulation seals the home from air movement which prevents pollen, dust, and allergens. Its does not support mold growth or fungus.
  • Flawless performance in real life applications – Since spray foam insulation expands 30-100 times its original sprayed on volume, it can provide a near flawless air barrier and insulation installation. All crevices are sealed in one easy step.
  • Durable and Versatile – Spray foam insulation will not shrink, sag, or settle even if it comes into contact with water. Spray foam insulation has excellent performance in all applications – it sticks to masonry, cement, metal studs, wood studs, and can be used on the roofline.

Open Cell & Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation By The Hayes Company

Open cell spray foam 
Open cell spray foam insulation works as an insulator and air barrier. The typical R value of open cell foam is 3.7 per inch. Open cell spray foam insulation is vapor permeable, dampens sounds and eliminates air infiltration.

Closed cell spray foam 
As with open cell spray foam insulation, closed cell spray foam works as an insulator and air barrier. An additional feature of closed cell spray foam is that it is solid. The cells of the bubbles remain intact (closed), which makes the product rigid. The closed cell composition and increased density contributes to a higher R-value than that of open cell foam. This can contribute to building stability during storms and high winds.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Custom Glass Shower Doors
The Hayes Company has some of the most experienced custom shower door builders and installers in the Kansas City area.  We fabricate and install a wide variety of high quality custom and in-stock shower doors. Here what you can expect from our team:

  • Expert installers with a high quality of craftsmanship
  • An endless configuration of hinge doors and sliding (bypass) doors
  • A variety of available glass finishes and metal choices
  • An extensive in house inventory to allow for quick installation on stock items.

Custom Glass Shower Doors
Your bathroom is a space you and your family use on a daily basis. Adding a custom glass shower door can make it more welcoming and brighter. And a custom shower door can give you the look that works best for your bathroom space.

We offer high-quality products and can customize your doors to meet your aesthetic and function needs.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Hayes Company has been installing quality fireplaces for over 20 years. Our installers are highly trained in proper installation techniques so you know your fireplace is being installed properly. We offer a complete line of styles and models so you can find the fireplace that will compliment your home and you'll be proud to show off.

Our fireplace products include:
  • These units are the closest replicas of those that are built by masons. The flue system is required to vent vertically. Most units have the ability to be plumbed with an optional gas line for a log lighter.
  • Available in this category are: air cooled indoor, air cooled outdoor and EPA compliant units.

Wood Fireplace
Wood Fireplace

Gas – Direct Vent
  • These units are by far the most design friendly and convenient. They are capable of venting horizontally and when desired, are ignited by a wall switch or remote control.
  • Available in this category are: traditional (logs) or contemporary (crushed glass or smooth pebbles) in a typical direct vent chassis and the contemporary linear design.

GAS- Direct Vent Fireplace
GAS- Direct Vent Fireplace

Gas – Vent Free
  • These units are known for their high efficiencies due to no heat loss up a flue system. The lack of a required flue system also results in at a lower cost installation. All Vent Free products are equipped with an Oxygen Depletion System for safety. Common locations for Vent Free units are outdoor rooms or basements where a flue chase is not an option.
  • Available in this category are: systems that include the logs or fireboxes in which logs are later selected.

GAS- Vent Free Fireplace
GAS- Vent Free Fireplace

Gas – Log Sets
  • These combinations (burner and log) are often installed to update a masonry unit in existing homes. When accompanied with a Firebox selection, the trio is also a popular choice for newly constructed residences as well.
  • Available in this category are: front view or see thru burners and logs in Vented or Vent Free designs for indoor or outdoor applications. 

GAS- Log Sets Fireplace
GAS- Log Sets Fireplace

  • These units are often selected when venting is considered problematic or when gas is unavailable. With their clean heat and track record of safe operation, they are often chosen for high rise or multiFamily projects.
  • Available in this category are: traditional (logs) and contemporary (crushed glass).

Electric Fireplace
Electric Fireplace

In addition to installing fireplaces, we service the products we sell. We are happy to service one of our fireplaces – simply contact us to schedule your service appointment.

For more information on the fireplaces we offer visit Superior Fireplaces and American Hearth by Empire Comfort Systems.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Attic InsulationEnergy efficiency begins in the attic. By increasing the efficiency of your attic – including properly insulating and air sealing - a homeowner can begin to see a reduction in energy bills almost immediately. There are two key steps to make your attic more efficient:

Air Sealing
  • Air sealing prevents airflow between a home and the attic. Proper air sealing helps heated and cooled air stay inside the home by closing the gaps that leak air. Think of air sealing like closing a window before running air conditioning – why condition the interior air if you are going to let it sneak out through a gap in your home’s envelope?
  • Your home may have leaks that are easily spotted though a visual inspection. It likely also has many other holes in its envelope that can’t be easily seen. These air leaks are found around light boxes, plumbing stacks, soffit drops, basement box sills and more.
  • If you are remodeling your home or building a new home, we recommend insulating top plates. A top top plate is also known as the upper wall plate or ceiling plate and isn't something that can be seen or accessed in an existing home. By sealing top plates, you can reduce air transfer from conditioned living space to unconditioned attic space.
  • Have you recently remodeled? Home upgrades that affect the attic area (venting, can lights, etc.0 can create new penetration points. These penetration points allow even more conditioned air to escape your home. If you've recently remodeled, contact us for a review of your attic.

  • When upgrading insulation in existing homes, blow in fiberglass is added on top of existing insulation using one of the following products. This adds R-value to the home and creates a fresh new blanket of protection.
  • Even newer homes can benefit from upgraded insulation. As building codes increase, nearly all homes need more insulation to ensure they are meeting current standards.

Our team can install any type of insulation in an attic. Since the cavity is open, there are more upgrading attic insulation

Spray Foam Insulation
  • Spray foam insulation can be applied in attics of new homes or existing homes (insulation in the attics of existing homes must be removed). Spray foam insulation provides a thermal barrier and also seals air leaks. This air sealing benefit can help minimize leaks around penetration points in attics.

Fiberglass Insulation
  • Fiberglass insulation is a common home insulator. Blow in fiberglass insulation is commonly installed in attics of new homes or blown over insulation in existing attics to increase R-value. 
  • It's recommended to seal air leaks around penetration points in attics before installing fiberglass insulation in the attic of a new home. Air sealing can also be added to an attic of an existing home before upgrading insulation. 

  • Adding blown cellulose insulation to the attic of a new home or existing home is a cost effective way to increase R-value and make your home more comfortable. 
  • As with blow-in fiberglass insulation, it is recommended to seal air leaks around penetration points in attics before installing cellulose insulation in the attic of a new home or existing home. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mirrors and Glass- The Hayes Company
The Hayes Company is proud to have a team that includes some of the most experienced glass experts in the Kansas City area.  From standard mirrors to custom arches, from curved stairway glass to tabletops, we have done it all.

We have been installing interior glass products since 1978. We have an extensive inventory that allows for quick installation on stock items. Our custom glass products include:

  • Pencil-Edge, Beveled
  • Cabinet Glass, Shelves, Tabletops, Transoms

Make an appointment to walk through our showroom with one of our sales people today, or to schedule a free measure and estimate.

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