Acoustical Spray Installation in Kansas City, MO Acoustical Spray Installation in Kansas City, MO

Accoustical Spray Foam -- Cellulose insulation with glue adhesive
Acoustical spray insulations are products specifically tailored to meet acoustical, fire, and thermal requirements in exposed applications.  They are typically sprayed on ceilings of commercial projects that will not be covered with wallboard such as restaurants, gymnasiums, churches, etc.

Acoustical spray insulations are approved for exposed applications. Certain products have been approved per ASTM as thermal barriers and or by UL as Non-combustible. They are made of fiberous materials and greatly reduce sound transmission and reflection. Acoustical Spray Insulations have R-values of 3 to 4 per inch and because fibers are sprayed in place, they fill cracks, seams and voids.

We install the following Acoustical Spray Insulation products: Ure-k, K13, Sonaspray, Celbar, Firestop TB.

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