Basement Insulation Services in Kansas City, MO Basement Insulation Services in Kansas City, MO

Air sealed/insulated rim joists in basementBasements are big culprits when it comes to air leaks. Basements have little or no protection from air leakage, allowing unconditioned air to infiltrate the home.

Properly installed basement insulation can increase a home’s comfort almost immediately. Basement wall insulation can be installed to increase comfort and add r-value around the entire perimeter.

Basement box sills and rim joints are one of the thinnest areas of a home. With no protection from the outside air temperatures, box sills can dramatically affect the temperature in a basement. To increase r-value and seal air leaks, we recommend adding spray foam insulation to this area.
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We can help make your basement warmer and more energy efficient. Call us for a free estimate!

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