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Insulation is one of the most important ways to keep your home’s temperature consistent throughout the year. Insulation helps keep your home comfortable, can help with noise reduction and help keep energy bills low. A popular type of insulation for your home or business is spray foam insulation, where the insulation material is sprayed into open cavities. Injection foam provides the R-value and air sealing benefits of spray foam insulation, but is injected into closed cavities like walls and masonry block. 

At The Hayes Company, we have years of quality experience helping our customers with all of their foam insulation services. If you are involved in a new construction project on your home or are doing a gut renovation for a place of business or other institution, contact us today and a member of our team can give you more information on all of our insulation services. 

Foam Insulation Specialists

At The Hayes Company, we provide top quality foam insulation for all of our customers.

Injection foam is installed in closed cavities to air seal and insulate finished spaces. Core foam is designed to be injected into closed spaces such as finished walls or in voids in concrete block. We install two forms of injection foam: Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation® and InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation
Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation 
    • Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation is designed for the cores of concrete block walls. It is a Class 1/Class A fire rated product and meets or exceeds all testing requirements of current standard building codes. 
    • Core Foam Masonry Foam Insulation is typically used in commercial and institutional new construction such as retail box stores, schools, and churches. It is also used in residential new construction applications such as concrete-block stucco walls, foundations, and basement walls.
InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation
    • InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation is designed specifically for enclosed cavity applications such as stud walls and cathedral ceilings. It can also be used in the retrofit of concrete block walls.
    • InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation is a product with low shrinkage and ultra low odor. It is a Class 1 rated product and meets or exceeds all building code requirements. It contains three EPA listed antifungal additives and is tested for termite and mold resistance.

Working With The Best In The Insulation Business

If your home or business feels cold, chances are your insulation is not doing its job. Whether you have existing insulation that you want to upgrade or are embarking on a new construction project, partnering with the foam insulation experts at The Hayes Company is always the right choice. Our years of experience helps ensure that your property is properly insulated. 

For top quality spray foam insulation services contact The Hayes Company today! In the Kansas City area call 816-861-8700 and in the Nashville area call 615-926-2036!

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