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Mineral Wool Insulation Experts 

Different types of insulation can be helpful depending on the project. The team of experts at The Hayes Company has years of quality experience helping our customers select and install various forms of insulation, including mineral wool. Mineral wool is a great resource for larger scale projects and buildings because of its durability and strength. If you are in the midst of a construction project and are looking for top quality insulation, look no further than the services at The Hayes Company. 

The Professional’s Choice For Building Insulation

Mineral wool is a top choice for building insulation. It is a strong material that can be used throughout a space during the construction process. Mineral wool insulation is also known as rock wool insulation or slag wool insulation. Mineral wool comes in batts, rolls or loose-fill insulation. It can be used throughout a building to insulate walls, attics, floors, crawl spaces and basements. It is also used for soundproofing in homes and other buildings. For years, The Hayes Company has partnered with local businesses and homeowners throughout the Kansas City area to provide them with quality mineral wool insulation services. From selection to installation you can count on the The Hayes Company to provide long lasting, quality mineral wool insulation services in Kansas City.

Insulation For Buildings And Beyond

Fires are always something to take into consideration during the construction of any building, whether a home or commercial property. Mineral wool’s natural fire resistance is an important quality. Mineral wool is made from inorganic fibers such as volcanic rock that are spun to look like wool. These materials are naturally fire resistant.  Mineral wool can help reduce the spread of a fire and provides valuable extra minutes to save people and property. 

Selling The Best Mineral Wool Products 

We sell Johns Manville MinWool® Sound Attenuation Fire Batts (SAFB). SAFB delivers noise control in metal-stud wall cavities of interior partitions, exterior walls or above suspended ceiling systems. To learn more about Johns Manville MinWool® Sound Attenuation Fire Batts visit this link.

For top level mineral wool insulation services, contact The Hayes Company in Kansas City by calling 816-861-8700.

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