Ventilation Services

Proper ventilation is important to the durability and health of your home.  The Hayes Company will help you balance the need for fresh air against the need to prevent uncomfortable and inefficient drafts.

Home Ventilation
    • Obviously, there is a certain amount of air that needs to circulate throughout the home. Air in homes carries moisture, dust, combustion gases from furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, and water heaters, and sometimes VOC's from household products.  To keep your home healthy, we follow industry standards for fresh air requirements.  We can help determine levels of air turnover and address these concerns.  We can help you balance the need for energy efficiency while maintaing enough fresh air for a healthy home.
      • Exhaust Fans on Timers or Triggers
      • Intake Fans 
      • Blower Door Testing and Combustion Safety Testing

Attic Ventilation
    • Attics can be correctly vented or correctly unvented.  Most attics are ventialted and meant to circulate outside air. If there aren't enough intake or exhaust vents you'll have issues like ice damming in the winter and intolerable upper floors in the summer.  The Hayes Company can help you improve this ventilation using these products:
      • Solar Turbines
      • Wind Turbines
      • Passive Roof Vents
      • Gable Vents
      • Soffit Vents

Crawl Space Ventilation
    • Just like an attic, a crawl space can be vented or unvented.  An "unvented" crawl space should be vented using inside air instead of outside air.  A crawl space that is not properly vented can cause major problems from moisture issues such as mold and rot. 
      • Exhaust Fans
      • Fresh Intake Air from Home

Contact The Hayes Company in Kansas City area at 816-545-9018 and in the Nashville area at 615-442-3141 for amazing ventilation services.

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