Whether you’re building a new home or aiming to upgrade the warmth or energy efficiency of an existing home, installing wall insulation is an important step to can take. Wall insulation is added to existing homes and new homes to create an additional thermal barrier between the interior of the home and the elements. Adding wall insulation to an existing home or air sealing and insulating with spray foam insulation in the walls of a new home can dramatically increase the comfort inside your home.

The Hayes Company specializes in a wide range of insulation and air sealing. Regardless if you are building a new home or own an existing home, there are many wall insulation options. Having wall insulation installed by an experienced insulation contractor will help you get the full value for your investment, ensuring the insulation is working to its fullest ability


  • Spray foam insulation can be applied to exterior walls of new homes before drywall is installed. Spray foam insulation provides a thermal barrier and also seals air leaks. This air sealing benefit can help minimize leaks around windows and other penetration points in exterior walls.
  • Interested in foam insulation for the walls of your existing home? Injection foam can be installed in the walls of existing home to provide these same benefits


  • Fiberglass insulation is a common home insulator. Coming in both batt insulation and blown-in insulation, it provides a long proven method of insulating your home. Fiberglass batts are often installed in exterior walls of new homes before drywall is hung. Blown-in fiberglass insulation is often used to insulate hard-to-reach places in your home or as an extra layer over existing attic insulation in older homes. Though fiberglass insulation has many benefits and provides a thermal barrier, it does not offer the air sealing benefits found in foam insulation and air sealing is done as a separate step during installation.


  • Adding blown cellulose insulation to a exterior walls of an existing home is a cost effective way to increase R-value and make your home more comfortable. Through a process called drill and fill, installers can dense pack cellulose insulation in exterior walls from the interior or exterior of the home..
  • Dense pack cellulose insulation can be added to exterior walls at any time. If you are considering replacing your siding, this is a great time to upgrade exterior wall insulation.


The Hayes Company has been providing high quality insulation services since 1978. We have extensive experience with all types of building projects, ranging from residential projects to apartment complexes to large commercial facilities. We believe in our founding principles of honesty and integrity and aim to bring you the highest quality service.

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