Air Sealing Services

Air sealing is one of the most important steps in improving the comfort and performance of your home. The Hayes Company has consultants and installers with years of experience in finding and fixing air sealing issues. There are several areas of a home that can be air sealed:

General Air Sealing

    • There are gaps and holes in various places in your home that contribute to drafts, cold spots and overall leakage. Depending on the location, air sealing and insulation can sometimes be done with one product.

Duct Sealing/Insulating

    • The average home loses 30 percent of its conditioned air to leaks in the duct system. Uninsulated ducts in non-conditioned spaces are subject to the temperature changes of their environment. Air sealing and insulating ducts improve conditioned air delivery drastically.

Improving and weatherizing windows and doors

In addition to sealing penetration points in a home, windows and doors that are old or have been poorly installed are notorious for having air leaks. Improving poorly performing doors and windows is an important part of energy efficiency. The Hayes Company is experienced at improving and weatherizing windows and doors through a variety of methods in both repair and replacement.  Our installers take the time to get the details right regardless of the method employed.


Window Repair

    • Replacement is not the only option for poorly performing windows and doors and it is usually the most expensive. Our knowledge of properly placed weatherstripping and common air leakage points for sealing can improve your windows and doors save you thousands of dollars.


    • Windows have weatherstripping at connection points such as the jambs and saches. Doors have weatherstripping at the frame. If this has worn down or the frame of the window or door is no longer square at the corners, you can have issues opening and closing them as well as drafts.

Window Trim Sealing

    • Many times shortcuts have been taken in window installation and time was not taken to foam the rough opening around doors and windows. If they have skipped this, air can leak in and out of the home from around the trim pieces.

Storm Windows/Doors

    • Storm windows and doors can help add insulation value to poorly performing windows or doors that you do not want to replace.

Window or Door Replacement

    • When a window or door is beyond repair or if there aren’t logical improvement measures that are cost effective, it’s time to look at replacement.  The Hayes Company has the knowledge and experience to make sure that the details of your window installation are not overlooked.

Wood Rot

    • We can repair wood rot around windows. This may be an option for your home rather than replacing a window.

Air Sealing FAQs

Why do I need to seal my attic if I’m adding insulation?

Fibrous insulations such as fiberglass and cellulose are not air barriers. While insulating, they allow air to pass through. This results in increased energy use. Air sealing stops the escape of air from the home.

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