Attic Insulation Services

Properly insulating your attic can lead to a drastic reduction in energy usage and payments. Here at The Hayes Company, our insulation professionals provide comprehensive attic insulation services for homes across Kansas City, MO and Nashville, TN. When you need an insulation contractor you can trust, choose the team with a track record of success for nearly 40 years. Read on to learn more about the two main components of attic insulation — air sealing and insulation — and give our team a call (816) 861-8700 to set up a free consultation today!

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The first step of proper attic insulation is air sealing, which prevents airflow between a home and the attic. Proper air sealing helps keep temperature-controlled air in your home. When air that has been heated or cooled leaks from a home, it becomes harder to stay comfortable in your own home; it also makes your heating and cooling system work harder to keep the temperature stable, costing you energy and money.

At The Hayes Company, our insulation contractors will ensure that your attic is properly air sealed by first looking for leaks around your attic. This may include areas around light boxes, plumbing stacks, soffit drops and more. We will then air seal all leak sources with a durable foam or spray foam insulation designed for long-lasting anti-leak performance.

If you are remodeling your home or building a new home, we also recommend insulating top plates. A top plate is also known as the upper wall plate or ceiling plate below the roof and cannot be seen or conveniently accessed in an existing home. By sealing top plates during your remodel or new home construction, you can greatly reduce air transfer from your conditioned living space to unconditioned attic space.


After air sealing, an attic must be given a layer of insulation for optimal energy-saving benefits. Typically, our insulation team will add blown-in fiberglass insulation. This will add R-value to your home by giving it a new blanket of insulation. Read on for a list of the insulation products offered by our team at The Hayes Company.


Spray foam insulation takes care of both air sealing and insulation in one product. Polyurethane foam is sprayed on leak sources in your attic to stop unwanted air flow and help maintain your home’s temperature year-round. We offer various types of spray foam insulation for usage in different attic environments.


Fiberglass insulation is a common and highly-effective attic insulation solution. When providing all new insulation on a new or remodeled home, our professionals will typically use fiberglass insulation after air sealing with spray foam. For homes with existing insulation and sealant, an extra layer of fiberglass insulation is added to increase the R-value of the property.


Cellulose insulation is a cost-effective way to increase the R-value of your attic and make your home more comfortable. Cellulose insulation is also very environmentally friendly and is made from 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint and treated with non-toxic compounds to resist fire, mold, and insects. Like fiberglass, cellulose insulation is typically installed in tandem with air sealing for optimal insulation and air sealing performance.

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