Fireplace Maintenance Services

The Hayes Company’s Fireplace Maintenance Services

Fireplace Maintenance Service in Kansas City

Fireplace maintenance is essential to the cleanliness and safety of your fireplace. The Hayes Company team provides high-quality fireplace maintenance services to the Kansas City area. We service the brand of gas fireplaces we sell to ensure your system is working safely. Gas fireplaces burn cleanly but still need regular maintenance and service to extend their lifespan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Gas Fireplace Service Inspection

The Hayes Company provides thorough, high-quality maintenance on your fireplace. We follow many steps to service a gas fireplace, including:

  • Overall Inspection – We’ll make sure the unit is properly mounted without any gaps or cracks.We’ll also inspect the glass for any loose pains or cracks.
  • Check Logs – Artificial logs deteriorate and discolor over time. We’ll check to see if you need replacement logs.
  • Gas Ignition Inspection – We’ll test-fire the gas ignition to ensure proper lighting. We also clean the ports and valves and check for any gas leaks.
  • Chimney Inspection – One of the biggest threats to a gas fireplace chimney is Ceiling stains, damp patches, and white blotches are signs of a damaged chimney.

When To Get A Fireplace Serviced

Fireplace service depends on the type of fireplace and its usage. If you regularly use your fireplace, it’s essential to schedule fireplace maintenance once a year. If you only occasionally use your fireplace, we recommend a routine check every two years. It’s critical to replace your carbon monoxide detectors every five years for safety.

What’s Included In Your Fireplace Maintenance Service?

Our gas fireplace maintenance services include:

  • Clean and inspect firebox, burn area, and fireplace heat exchanger
  • Adjust valve pressure
  • Clean and adjust pilot light and logs
  • Inspect chimney for any issues
  • Test for gas leaks
  • Tighten all connections
  • Inspect seal and clean glass

Fireplace Service Appointment Expectations

We’re ready to ensure your gas fireplace is working at optimal levels. A typical fireplace service appointment lasts about 45 to 90 minutes. The technician will perform a full inspection, cleaning, and make any adjustments. If any replacement parts are needed, we’ll recommend the best for your type of fireplace and install it at that time if possible.

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