“My heat pump and air exchanger equipment are only two years old yet on really cold days our home temperature could drop as low as 54 degrees. WE WERE COLD!! I felt helpless as Service Experts technicians told me everything was in perfect shape. This year with the subzero temperatures I called Anthony’s Heating & Cooling and they immediately found two problems. A dispatcher suggested I get an Energy Audit from a leading expert in the field – Mike O’Connell of The Hayes Company. Service men and the dispatcher sang his praises to the skies!! Mike arrived and looked at all the ceiling vents, wall temperatures and went up into the attic. He found holes, no insulation WHATEVER, and equipment open to the cold air. He took off all the ceiling vents stating they were just blowing air into the walls. In just a few hours the temperature rose from 54 degrees to 64 – Wow, were we happy. He recommended new ceiling vents and attic floor insulation. He took it upon himself to buy the correct ceiling vents – no other insulation company I know would take the time and care to solve all of my problems at a very reasonable cost!! He and his crew arrived, put up new ceiling vents at the best angles for my comfort, and insulated the attic floor. Mike even brought the biggest cinnamon rolls I ever saw for all of us!! He suggested two other things I should have Anthony’s guys do on their 6 month inspection. I received so much more than excellent service from a man who must have more degrees than anyone in the MO/KS area – in addition to a caring, generous, kind heart!! Mike is a great guy and The Hayes Company is too. Chris and Gilbert, the installers, were great too!”

Joan, homeowner